October 28, 2010

Holding Head

Think of this as a sticky note and put it on the fridge for yourself.

If at any time you are ever published and they come at you for a head shot always remember; unless you are Victor Stinkin' Hugo do not under any circumstances get caught holding head.

Even if you are a cool, edgy writer with tattoos who lives in Havana, don't do it. It's an old trick and, really, doesn't have a point any more.

I suppose the significance behind the pose is to show that the Great Writer has so much shit going on in that head of his that he needs a hand and attached arm to prop it up during the normal course of the day. And if you are especially poignant and significant, or just think you are, you may even need two hands. God knoweth how a person is supposed to type in that case, but maybe there's a tripod specially built for writer head. Who knows?

This is a public service message from old Uncle RW. You may send dollars.

From time to time in my blog travels I do see folks who lament (because just about every blogwriter has the same mantra) that "one day I'll sit down and write that book." And there's plenty who can certainly do it and that really ought to get off the wish list and just get going already, yeah?

But seriously? You have to get to the point where you can't imagine a week spent where you aren't working on it, and can't remember what it was like not to be working it.

Or else you just aren't. And then I suppose you can sit there holding head as long as you'd like.


sybil law said...

You're right! Everyone looks so stupid - are they supposed to look contemplative, or maybe their brains are so big they have to hold up their heads?
So... you won't be holding your head in your picture? But then how will everyone know how smart you are?

B.E. Earl said...

I always hold a different head when I'm having my picture taken.


RW said...

sybil - I'd lobby for no picture at all if I ever get that lucky.

Earl - hey-ooooooooooh!! (drum/cymbal)

Dave2 said...

To me they all look like they have a toothache.

But that's just THEM... I'm sure that I could totally pull it off in a non-toothache, angst-ridden kind of tortured artist way!

RW said...

Dave - I see a cartoon dave.....

sligo said...

my next author pict is going to be an x-ray of my head.

RW said...

sligo - in your comment... there's a "having my head examined" thing going on, isn't there?

SK Waller said...

They do it to composers too. Especially Phillip Glass, like his music is so deep and meaningful that his poor head can't hold it all. (It's really just about a million repeats with looped arpeggios crammed in between.)

Amen on point two. What did I do with my days before this? And, OMG, what will I do when I'm finished? Oh, yeah. It's a trilogy. Whew! Don't have to think about that for a while.

RW said...

It's to the point lately that if I don't do something EVERY DAY, even if it's a little something, I feel the day is wasted.

Brian said...

But...but...I've been practicing my version if the Malcolm X two fingers up two fingers down framing the side of my face thing for years!

Btw I'm in Chicago (Midway) for like the next 20 minutes so...Hi!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ah shit, I thought it was just me with the "eventually I'll get the book written thing,"

*my head is in my hand right about now*

RW said...

Brian - next time stay longer dammit.

Candy - I'll bet you could do it though. Sometimes all it takes is just to start.