June 30, 2011

Pah HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... meh...

So Congress failed to "defund" the Libya thing after all. And there are no war crimes trials being done on President Obama for skirting the "War Powers" Act. All the huff and puff and smoke about the Constitution has faded away. And life goes on as we know it. All the "greatly concerned," "important" and overwrought comments and articles by serious American patriots worried about the erosion of constitutional law in this land (that they only just thought of now, decades after Grenada) ended up being the usual partisan bullshit once again.

And so much for the bluster and indignation of serious-minded people who want to save America from this dangerous black guy in the White House. The GOP has once again manipulated their base on an issue, then walked away from the issue, leaving a steaming pile on shit on the President, which was their only goal anyway, but no real resolution to their manufactured indignation. I don't know what pisses me off more, that normally intelligent, reasonable people continue to allow themselves to be manipulated by country club Republicans, or that the Democrats have no fight in them. The Dems remind me of the old phrase we used to use in the drug days - "he can see the cars, he just can't get out of their way."

Now we've moved on to the debt limit.

In this act the GOP will take their position all the way down to the wire, vehemently demanding no tax adjustments whatsoever and a cut in Social Security and Medicare, until the midnight hour when the the deal both sides have already made will go into motion and the debt ceiling will be raised without any real alteration in anything we can think of off the top of our heads, and the whole thing will not only be forgotten but no one will be able to say what they actually did about it. Then it'll be "it wasn't all we wanted but we have to take little steps to get where we're going."

The truth is that if the debt ceiling isn't raised and the USA defaults on its paper the world economy will smash into a million little pieces and if you think it is bad now you ain't seen nothin' yet. Anyway that's the argument President Reagan used when he wanted the ceiling lifted, and nobody said a whisper about the budget deficits he racked up. They still don't.

But there are political points to make and more steaming piles of shit to leave on President Obama's doorstep that he'll just step over on the way to the next act because he's presumably too dumb to recognize what's going on - OR he's already in "I'm the adult in room" mode (which is what will get him re-elected). And no doubt we'll have to listen to the same "concerned" and "important" commentators - amateur and professional alike - about whatever the hell the next terribly significant issue is that will ruin the country, the Constitution, motherhood, God and baseball.

Or we'll just toss out another tweeting Congressman proud of his balls or something. That always acts as a kind of analgesic. Doesn't really deal with the pain, just makes you forget you have it.

In the meantime there's drug tests for people before they get that awesomely huge welfare check, the campaign to keep GAWD in the Pledge of Allegiance, and all the other bullshit commonly associated with Wal-Mart America's campaign to make this the single most prosaic, irritating, provincial, reactionary, knee-jerk, peckerwood haven, anti-intellectual shit hole of a country you and Abe Lincoln ever saw.

Happy Fourth of July. For duty and humanity... or whatever...

June 28, 2011

A Month Of Sundays

Hi. My name is RW. I used to run a blog here, long ago. My posts were up quite regularly and I was happy to participate in a handful of my favorite blogs other people made. I work in a print shop and have interests. I eat food and sleep in a bed when I'm not sleeping on the floor of my office when my back is sore because that somehow helps it don't ask me why. I was born in Chicago and the year I was born Eisenhower was President and the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. And the A's were still in Philadelphia - which I could never figure out because the Phillies sucked for a generation and the A's were run by Connie Mack and not only had championships but entire dynasties and yet they ended up being the team that left Philadelphia. And though there is a soft spot in my heart for the Phillies what about a bunch of studly guys being named after girl horses? What's that all about anyway? Also I have lost 22 pounds since Christmas but can't seem to bust below 190 which is still my goal. I do a little writing on the side and am co-creator of Thrice Magazine. I have an agent who is busy trying to sell my current novel and I'm about a fourth way finished with another. I bought GT Solar (SOLR) when it was $5.51 a share and still have it. I'm married to MrsRW since 1978 and we have two daughters and one granddaughter and... oh I probably didn't say... but we have another grandchild on the way but we don't know who it is yet. This one will appear as if by magic in December.

I have to leave for work in half an hour and I haven't made my lunch yet but I somehow feel strangely compelled to write down all this useless, trivial shit as if there are people still reading here and I can't actually explain why. I haven't been here in a while because every time I wondered if I should write something here I ended up saying who gives a shit - but not in a forlorn, nobody-likes-me way but rather in a what's=the-big-deal-anyhow kind of way. There's a big difference and I also feel compelled to make that clear because I'm not feeling sorry for myself I just don't feel like talking much, and if you knew me you'd know that's true because if I ever got backed into a corner my answer would be homicide - not suicide - and all my best friends would vouch for that. So it's more like I'd open to the New Post screen, write a few words, and then just flip the screen the finger and go do something else.

My eyes are real good now since the cataract surgery though I don't know about these bifocal lenses, I still can't read very well and need cheaters so far. They tell me it'll be okay within 6 months but I don't know. Whatever. Now all I have to do is figure out how to pay for this all beyond the insurance. I have to go for an EKG this weekend because they didn't like what my heart was doing when I went for the surgery and almost didn't do it but I've had a balky ticker since I was born. Just beats when it wants ever since I can remember and my regular doctor says what's the big fuss, we don't treat these kinds of things but the hospital where I had my eye surgery didn't know me that well so there I go.

Anyway I just thought I'd come along and say hi again because I miss some of you and I'm not dead yet. So... you know... hi and all...