October 29, 2010


TV used to be cool. Cigarettes and all.

This is what you could find on the tube late sometimes. 1964. No more, I'm afraid.


Gino said...

i like that.
any music video today has the muscians dancing around , faking it, while the tunes play on recording.

this is real. the way musicians really play, standing around, looking bored, waiting for their cue...

but i had to laugh seeing that guy taking drags while the camera was on him.
the good ol days... (sigh)

sybil law said...

So what.

Sooo awesome!

SK Waller said...

I watched The Big Sleep (Bogie) a few weeks ago and it was stunning what a huge part cigarettes played in film and TV in those days. I'd forgotten.

My dad was a jazz man and I grew up with this stuff. I appreciate the way the cats just stood back while one took his solo. Nowadays, everyone's upstaging everyone else, hogging as much spotlight as they can get by jumping around and showing off.

Shut up and light up!

Pearl said...

Austin City Limits has some cool stuff every now and then, but you're right: not THAT cool.