October 26, 2010

I'm Actually At Work Killing Time

  • Since transferring my stuff to the unpublished, "edit post" section of Blogger I've been able to use every spare minute I have to work on the project. Which means it's in yet another incarnation. Oh well. The main thing now is the ORDER in which things happen to the protagonist. Plus the ending has changed seven times and is currently up in the air. Like I said, that's just how I roll. My wife says I love the process more than the product. And she's absolutely right. If I never published another word, nothing would change. At all.
    EDIT I just have to be careful never to hit "publish" on those windows or else everybody would be scratching their heads going, "why is RW walking around late at night? He met what where??"

  • When I lived in D.C. I knew a guy who was completely convinced that he was Edgar Allen Poe in a past life. Nothing, but nothing, could dissuade him from this belief. And he was a dour, depressed, sad, barely communicative little fellow who had the same kind of 1840-ish haircut his other self is photographed with. Kind of like 19th century wing or whatever it's called. The lasting image I have of the guy is his sitting on a staircase with his head in his hands for hours. I asked his girlfriend what's the matter with him, and she shrugged and said "He was Edgar Allen Poe in a past life." Like, "Oh it's Tuesday." That was in the 70s. You wonder what he's doing now. If he didn't blow his brains out by now.

  • I just did finish reading the biography of Edgar Poe and what a whining, manipulative hypochondriac he was. Always begging to borrow money, trying to set up the next wife while the other one is dying. Manic depressive to be sure. There really wasn't anything dark or mysterious about him except for when he binged-drank he disappeared. Big whoop. I love some of his stuff. Some. But there's no deep mystery going on with the guy. He was just an untreated nutjob.

  • On a somewhat related side note (speaking of nutjob). People's upsetness would probably be more effective if they let other people know what the hell they were upset about. The chances are pretty good that if someone doesn't know what they did to piss off somebody else it wasn't intentional. Folks that just walk away and I never know why and can't remember what I may have done were probably looking for an excuse to get whanked, did something they are embarrassed about, and can basically kiss my ass.

  • Back to past lives. I know there's plenty of folks who believe in them. I don't, but who is to say? So I don't ever argue against it even though my instinct tells me... "meh." Who knows, though, really? I just hitch a little when it's always somebody famous. Why are there no drunken shit-heads and if you're a spirit and not a body how come the past life is always the same sex you are now? I mean, not everybody thinks this way and I'm not ripping it at all. I mean the way the universe works I could easily see people who are white bigots now having been black slaves a couple of lifetimes ago, and guys in the Nation of Islam being their owners. That would be pretty funny.

  • What's funny? When I do posts with multiple topics it's always interesting to see which of the folks making comments pick up on which of the topics. Sometimes the thing I think is the main push behind the varied subjects is not what others think it is. But as I'm writing for faithfuls Sybil and Earl pretty much anymore, you could expect that kind of thing, I'd say. (insert smiley)

  • Gotten some communication that it's sometimes hard to comment here. I don't know why. You can't block specific people and I have it set to "anybody", so it ain't me. I have no idea what the Farco Barnes is up with that.

    B.E. Earl said...

    The only thing I can think of on the comment issue is that you are using a pop-up comment box. Maybe those would-be commenters don't know how to disable their pop-up blockers on their browsers. Blogger offers a bunch of different options for commenting. Including a comment box that appears at the bottom of the post. That might help?

    Betcha didn't think it was gonna be this bullet item that I responded to, eh? :)

    sybil law said...

    I never have trouble commenting here. Obviously! :)

    That is so funny about past lives - that's what *I've* always wondered. No one was ever some lowly bedpan rinser outter - everyone was Cleopatra or whatever. My theory is if I did have a past life, I was some lowly scrub - kinda like now. Apparently I never learn.

    I really hope I get to read your book.
    And I should really read a biography about Edgar Allen Poe, but it might make me hate him.

    RW said...

    Okay Earl, I have changed that. We'll see.

    Sybil - I still intend on getting it sent around in November. I'm just re-arranging deck chairs. Then I'll hate the whole thing anyway. Why should this one be any different...

    flask said...

    hey, i'm here!

    i don't always have something to say, and when i have nothing to say i just go ahead and say that.

    but i ALWAYS read you.

    'sides. did you expect everyone to make the jump to the new edition? you know what lazy slobs people are.

    RW said...

    I don't know, flask, I had the same pop-up window at the old place.

    Brian said...

    If you think you were someone rich/powerful/important in your past lives, and you are less so now, doesn't that imply that you're moving down the karmic ladder?

    I'd much prefer to believe I was a dung beetle and my current trajectory is upward...

    Avitable said...

    I actually think the commenting issue has to do with the fact that it says "Posts" instead of "Comments".

    How are those two your faithfuls, by the way? I read every post you write!

    I do think that it would be nice if people who were upset just let you know - unlike you, though, I hate the thought of pissing someone off accidentally, when it was probably all related to a misunderstanding.

    Mrs. Hall said...

    that's funny what you said about Poe. Yes, whiny, alcoholic, needy monkey.

    And even funnier was that part about people should tell each other why they are mad at each other. Women are repeat offenders on this. We just hold it in. But that just makes it come out all huffy behavior like. ;)

    very funny post, cracked me up

    RW said...

    Brian - Good point. Makes me hope I was a gut microbe myself.

    Avitable - Okay I'll change it to "comments" but the note I got was "can't comment." I'm not begging for feedback, I just can't understand why people are telling me they "can't post." I have had that experience with Blogger on other blogs from time to time but not for a while. We'll see. And, oh, Earl and Sybil live at my house now. You didn't know???

    Mrs Hall - I hear you, but the boys do this a lot too, and just chalk it up to macho. My take is if someone's all ticked off at you, and you have no bloody idea why, the chances are good it wasn't intentional. Intentional being the operative word. Anybody can screw up and say/do something wrong and not mean anything by it. But if someone willfully acts to tick someone off, then sure - whack 'em.

    But you'd think people who are friends enough can level. So if someone wants to huff off, they've probably got their reason.

    Cap said...

    For some reason I'm thinking of the book "The Reincarnation of Peter Proud" As I remember it from junior high school, it was pretty good. But the timelines were messed up and that bothers me. I think if I'm going to come back, I just want to be a little taller. That's my only request.

    Petunia said...

    I reeeeally want to know what happened to the DC guy. Maybe he's still wandering up and down 18th street being creepy. Any idea why he was channeling Poe, and not Baudelaire or Sylvia Plath or Rumi?