May 13, 2013

I Don't Always Reveal TMI

but when I do, everyone wants to hear more.

Okay so a couple months back I was talking about my dentist phobia. I no longer have a dentist phobia, and as i write this I have just returned from The Chair where the home stretch of something like $11k worth of work was done this morning. That's 2 1/2 hours of oral slobbering and wheeeee-ing little motors and such. On June 3 I will have the entire top row completed and I will be Joe Hollywood so watch out. But this makes 2013 so far a marker year for me. I went from 197 to 170 and my weight varies only between 169-173 ever since. I cut the grass yesterday and could have cut it again because I still had energy and wasn't wheezing and snorting slobber all over myself because of all the weight I no longer carry. On June 9th my youngest daughter is getting married and if I smile too broadly people will have to wear sunglasses just to see their chicken, fish or vegetarian lunches. I don't have a before or after pic because I rarely post pics to begin with anyway, and if I am to be completely honest there are very few "before" pics I've even kept around. So you can just use your imagination. But let me just say that this is what happens when you don't take care of yourself. You end up spending it anyway one way or the other. The reckoning is inevitable. So if you re on the verge of doing something about a condition and it is doable (admittedly we couldn't be doing this without my wife's insurance) then do it. I did, and there was a moment in my life when I would rather writhe in two days of pain before i would admit I needed some work done - that's how afraid of The Chair I have been all my life. So go, therefore, and do likewise. The surge of self-worth and confidence (not that that was particularly a problem in my case) is remarkable.