November 09, 2012

And So To The Blissfully Mundane

Bullet points! Complete with this cool ice cube tray that makes.... ICE BULLETS!!! I used to think the concept of ice bullets was just so freakin' cool, until the Mythbusters showed how the dang things are useless and would melt en route to the target and just hit you hard with a glob of water. Oh well.

  • But never mind, the election is over and nobody wins. Woo hoo. And yet the stupidity continues. Comments heard from my ignorant white boy fellow workers?

    1. "I'm going to buy that gun because that n_____ was re-elected."


    2."They just gave it to him so there wouldn't be any riots."

    Yeah. Makes you proud to be a white man, don't it?"

  • What I haven't said is that I'm trying, again, to lose some weight. At one point - embarrassingly enough - my paltry 5'9" frame actually carried almost 220 pounds. This was some time ago when I had that sales job and the travel / dinners / junk food routine really ruled around here. I did Weight Watchers after that and lost 23 pounds to the 197 I've stayed at for some time. But 197 is still way over where I'm supposed to be. I'd like to see 180-185, and so on November 1 I began the points crusade again. Happy to say it is November 9 and I have lost 5 pounds. I think when I drop below 190, and see that 1-8... on the scale I am going to get that extra motivation to finish this time. Wait for it. The charts say, ideally, I'm supposed to be around 170-175. One thing at a time ok?  

  • For the two or three people who care - after years of being involved in the alternative scene for writers I have, for the last year or so, been working on an old-school novel that has some of my old contacts scratching their heads because it actually has things like A PLOT, and weird shit like CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and even, you know, like, DIALOG. I may have mentioned before but it is a story that takes place inside the "Muslim world" and therefore is probably doomed never to be taken up by anyone in this Islamophobic culture of ours. But as I mentioned it is being "culture checked" by my very good friend, the superlatively intelligent and beautiful Faiqa Khan, and we're kind of doing that check in a moderately cool way. I've placed the story, as it is finished, at a site known as Fictionaut - kind of like a social media thing for writers - where she can check in completely at her leisure without someone sending her a big long attachment she would then feel compelled to read. And you can take a look at the project if you'd like. But I won't publish the link here - you gotta ask for it. So I figure the secret will be safe, he laughed. If - by the by - you wanted to catch some of the writers we've been featuring in Thrice all along, you'd see a lot of advan
    ce shit over at Fictionaut. Which you can Google. But anyway, just as a note to follow up because I mentioned it before, there's this bullet.
  • Speaking of the superlatively intelligent and beautiful - my wife (sometimes known as MrsRW, though I should more rightly be known as Mr MrsRW) won the Best Costume award at the halloween party we went to a couple weeks ago. She went off and got herself a custom-made exact, historically accurate (including the bakelite buttons and official GPBL patch)  reproduction of the uniform for the Rockford Peaches. And looked exactly this good in it too, may I add.
  • And our youngest granddaughter, Sophie, turns 1 this month. Holy freakin cow where did THAT year go?
  • All 4 nao...


    Gino said...

    you really need to work with mexicans, instead. less political talk all around... but they become insufferable during football season and the FIFA Cup.

    after dropping 40+, real easy too, after the Surgical Event Of 2008, i found myself with nearly those same 40+ after the Surgical Event Of 2011.
    discipline allowed 20 of those to fall within 6 weeks. not doing so well with the second 20... i think they're with me, no matter what, but i hate them. its like i'm living with an ex-spouse or something...

    RW said...

    We have a huge Mexican population in our plant. They're easy to spot - they're usually the only guys working.

    B.E. Earl said...

    Found your profile on Fictionaut. Gonna read The Night Journey this weekend.

    RW said...

    Cool & thank you. But I especially put the part about the Rockford Peaches in partly cuz I thought you would dig that.

    sybil law said...

    I can't believe I haven't read this, yet. BAH.
    It's positively funny and INSANE how PISSED OFF people are over this election. Sometimes I find it amusing; other times I want to kill people. So really, nothing new here.