October 23, 2012

This I Know

I know that there is great hope for the future when protesters who support Wikileaks, helped the Arab Spring, and generated the energy that formed the Occupy movement, wear gas masks and Hello Kitty t-shirts.

I know that no matter if you are a reactionary or a liberal the "news media" isn't conspiring against you, they are merely reporting what a jackass your hero is. And maybe what a jerkoff you are for believing in him.

I know that no matter which doofus wins the coming election absolutely nothing is going to change by their influence or policies; and that since confidence alone is the single most important component of economies, it is a fact that presidents get too much blame and too much credit for when economies are bad or good.

I know that the reason the Greens and Libertarians aren't fully represented in national elections is due to a combination of collusion on the part of the two major parties just as much as it is a matter of the incompetence and general ideological impotence of the Greens and Libertarians.

I know that a vodka lemonade and a good cigar is better than discussing politics with a committed party hack.

I know that my granddaughters and the coming marriage of my second daughter are altogether more important to me than the internet tough-guys, conservative twits, macho chicken-hawks, late blooming radicals, Democratic party functionaries, pissed off internet mother hens who hold grudges for seventy years and tell a lot of other women who need their meds what to think, and serious thinkers who can't take a joke, I meet online.

I know I still love books, and good writing, and writers who take chances. And no matter what the technology does to the future I will always keep books, enjoy good writing, and seek out dicey writers.

 I know that Mormonism, exactly like Scientology, is a secretive, homophobic, fraudulent cult. And all you have to do is talk to people who have been shunned and ostracized by their power structures to know this. It is not a value judgment on the merits of their beliefs or their modalities. It is only a witnessing of the victims and their abuse that will teach you this. Any religion that withholds secrets and does not explain itself freely to honest questions ought to be viewed as suspicious. And it shouldn't take a genius to figure that out.

And I also know that I'm full of shit too. So there is that...


Petunia said...

Yes, but you are full of the good kind of shit. The shit that should drive people to question the "reality" of what is being force fed them by the existing societal power structures, if they actually claim to be an informed citizen of this planet. Although maybe you are just slightly turning me into an Anarchist. Either or.

flask said...

i don't care if you're full of shit.

i feel better knowing you're out there somewhere.

i'm out in the forest alone in the dark hearing snippets of news about uncommitted voters and walmart focus grouped politics and everything's all shot to hell but somewhere is a guy i sometimes read on the internet and he sorta makes sense and it's something, you know?

some guy i never met is as tired and outraged as i am and four hundred miles from home and miles from the nearest town out in the dark it's a little warmth and light.

sybil law said...

But they have teh Magic Underwear!!