February 10, 2012

River Of Raincoats In A Forest Of Faces

Okay, here's your chance to pile up on me. Go ahead. I probably deserve it for this. I'm about to kill my buzz, so do your worst. I have, have always, and will probably continue, to miss The Sundays.

I know I know... hints of 90's teenage angst and all that. That's the critique. I can see it. No doubt. But you know me, I'm a word guy. And I have always had - what I consider to be - an ear for the synthesis of tune and lyric. Anyway I compliment myself that way. And few bands melded those elements better. Ever. In my HO.

Then one day the lead singer and the main guitar guy - who were already an established pair, personally, before this all got started, simply quit. As in - quit. They said it was time to take the money and run, get out of the race, make some babies, and live like normal people which, to everyone's amazement, they've done. And they've kept doing it for a decade already. When they said goodbye, they meant goodbye.

So that, along with what I felt they did artistically, is even another reason to admire them. Because - again, if you're a long-time reader - you already know that if it isn't the art of the lyric that gets me going, it certainly is artists that disappear from or stay out of the spotlight. Salinger. Traven. All the "Outsiders" I've turned you on to. Need I go on?

So beat me up over how there isn't enough edge or whatever the hell. I couldn't care any less than I do. I dig what they've done.

I'm also under no delusion about posting youtube music videos on blogs. Most people see the icon and run. I get it. Go ahead. That's just how it goes.

but my fantasy? When I decide to give up blogging, all you'll see is this video. And if, one day, this is all you see, you'll know what's up...

"River of raincoats in a forest of faces." Are you kidding me? There were people writing a beautiful turn of lyric like that in the last 20 years? Really??

And I always played this when ever I changed blogs, quit smoking, walked away from a bum job, whatever. It fits everything.

"Your stories were a good read, they were dumb as well." Um. Uh-huh.

So kill me now. Beat me up. I don't care. I miss these guys.


sybil law said...

Holy shit - I haven't thought about this band in... forever.
They weren't the worst, though. No - I think they're pretty cool, actually. Always did.

Don't quit blogging! Damn, that would suck. I would haunt you relentlessly. (I know it wasn't so much a threat but still.)

Dave2 said...

If I ever quit blogging, I'm taking the entire internet with me.

B.E. Earl said...

I don't miss them. I said it.

But the list of bands I DO miss would probably bore a normal person to tears. Or make them roll their eyes at the very least.

In other words, my opinion of them is irrelevant.

RW said...

I'm not quitting blogging. I just said - if I ever did, and you see this... you know what I mean!

Gino said...

The Sundays where great, but i think it was Harriet's voice that made them. Rare qualities, she has 'em.