November 21, 2011

Many-worlds implies that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual "world" (or "universe").

I'm not always upbeat and engaged. Sometimes I get downright depressed. Usually it takes the form of some kind of existential thing, and I don't interiorize it; so it's not like a dangerous place for me to be. That doesn't make it any less of a downer.

But there's always your personal list of all possible alternatives wonking around. Just sometimes you'd like the luxury of a look-in from time to time, y'know?


sybil law said...

I love the idea of many -worlds!
But yes - peeking in from time to time could be... awesome. Or worse. Or sooo much better I wouldn't want to return.

B.E. Earl said...

Since it covers all possible alternate histories, shouldn't it be infinite-worlds? "Many" just doesn't seem like enough.

One of my favorite shows, "Fringe" on FOX friday nights is playing with this a bit. After introducing a second alternate history, and bopping back and forth between the two, they've now got a third alternate history going on. With one of the dudes from the first alternate history aware of it all. Well, he was really from the second alternate history. And this third alternate history still has a relationship with the second alternate history, but things there are different as well. So that second alternate history is, most-likely, a fourth alternate history.

Did I say too much? Did I let Schrodinger's cat out of the box? Isn't there supposed to be an umlaut in there someplace?

In another alternate history, this comment would have been more interesting. As is? Not so much.

SK Waller said...

I think I tap into this when I write fiction. Either that, or I'm losing my sanity at last. But right now, that alternative world looks pretty nice! If I find a worm hole, I do my best to help you find it.

Brian said...

Man I really wish I could tap into the universe where I didn't say that one thing, do that one thing, send that one email...