November 23, 2011

Little Sophie

So sometime in the next seven days I'm going to be a grandpa again.

There are small signs that little Sophie is thinking about it, but if she doesn't make up her mind by about this time next Tuesday they are going to induce labor for our daughter Kate.

The reason they will be inducing labor next Tuesday if it doesn't happen by then is that Kate developed a case of pregnancy-specific diabetes that has required her to go on insulin.

And when a pregnant mother takes insulin in this case the longer the pregnancy goes the more of a chance there is that the baby will be stillborn.

Which means they are targeting Tuesday the 29th of November as little Sophie's debut.

Because of all the incidentals and potentials, as you may well imagine, there is always the chance that we're not going to be thinking about too much else around here for a little while.

So I am accepting all prayers from prayers and, if you don't go that way I am also accepting positive thoughts, energy flows, or whatever it is you use when this kind of thing comes up. It is also a good time to speak up, if you've just been a reader and never posted or don't post much, and toss a penny in the well. Kate and Sophie will thank you and I will love you forever. Imagine that!


Gino said...

its times like this that remind us of what really is important in life.
politics all the petty bullshit that makes up most of our conversations dont mean shit when it comes to the love and presence of family and friends in our lives.

prayers go out for you, the family, and especially little sophie.

and mucho thanks to your daughter for picking a proper name for her kids as opposed to just making up something funky and stupid, as is the fad nowdays.

Happy Thanksgiving, RW.

B.E. Earl said...

Prayers, thoughts, positive's all going toward little Sophie, her mommy and the rest of the fam.

sybil law said...

Absolutely - and done!!

Brian said...

Wishing your family a speedy and healthy addition!

Cap said...

Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way. I'm afraid to try an energy flow because I'm a little rusty. Can't wait for pictures of your new addition.

sligo said...

gosh yes, everything I have spiritually I'm pointing to all of you.

Not a Granny said...

Sending positive thoughts, love and prayers to you everyone!!