July 03, 2013

There's nothing more foolish than a man chasing his hat


B.E. Earl said...

Hard pressed to pick a favorite Coen Brothers film. I mean, dude...The Big Lebowski.

But Miller's Crossing is right there with all the best. O Brother, Fargo, Raising Arizona, Hudsucker Proxy, No Country...wow, they make some freakin' great films!

I've been trying to get Gia to watch Miller's Crossing forever. She's got a thing against Gabriel Byrne. He was at a restaurant we ate at one night and he was kind of a dick to our waiter. She, formerly in that biz, holds grudges. Sigh.

RW said...

Sometimes artists are jerks. Jackson Pollack was an asshole, but I still like his paintings. y'know?