March 04, 2013

My next post...

...will be the 200th of this series. It's not the 200th post of all time, more like 2000th as there have been three or four blogs before this one.

There was a political blog that was a team thing I can't remember the name of. I'm no longer a libertarian (ever since it stopped meaning "get the government out of my life" and started meaning "survival of the fittest" I quit it) so I'm glad that one has been deleted.

Then I did "Chasing Vincenzo" and that was where I met most of the people on the internet who have remained a big part of my life. That was a fun one because it was based on the fact that my wife and I kept running into this chef named Vincenzo who was constantly working at new restaurants. We were so familiar with him he would make my wife this one dish even though it wasn't on the menu. So we did restaurant reviews and how to shave your damn face and stuff like that called "Chasing Vincenzo." But I deleted that one as well, after I exposed my ex-boss as a petulant, neurotic little spoiled twerp. Figured it was a wise move.

One blog I did that attracted a lot of strange people that I didn't publicize too much was called "Tourette's Cat". I signed on as a solitary but schizophrenic person named 'Kieffer and Emo' and he would talk to himself and write a lot of weird stories. If you missed that, sorry. It was a lot of fun but seemed to attract some unsavory folks, eventually, who were into some weird stuff. And those days were OVER for me. So I blotted that one out too.

Then I did one that had the painting of "Nighthawks" on it. The people in a late night diner in like the 50's or something. I'm not sure what that one was called anymore. Nor do I know why I deleted that one too.

And I think there was another one. But I'm not sure.

Then there's this one. Version 53 (because, like, I was born in 1953... duh!). It isn't as good as some of the past ones and probably comes up being the last so far as I can tell.

But anyway... who cares. Listen...

My next post at Version53 is going to be the 200th.

What do you want me to write/answer/talk about. clarify or do?

You call the tune. I'll leave this up here for a long time to get everything people want to say - in the comments or through email - and we'll see what happens.

Ten points to anyone who knows what the picture above is of.


Brian said...

I'm approaching a fairly significant blogging milestone myself. I have no idea how to mark it, or if I even will.

The team blog was the Boileryard, and the one before this was called 1 Step Beyond. I loved Tourette's Cat but never commented there because frankly your regulars frightened me.


I think you should have a bottle of absinthe, invite a couple of worthy conversation partners over, let it rip well into the night, and commit the proceedings to wax cylinder (or whatever medium you use for these sort of things), and transcribe the best bits into an epic 200th post.

The worse case scenario is you have a couple of friends over and drink too much absinthe, ya know?

B.E. Earl said...

Yeah, One Step Beyond (prior to you adding the Nighthawks header) was the first blog I recall. Being a big fan of ska myself, I was drawn to it.

And the first thing that popped into my head regarding that picture was Sherlock Holmes. Or Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. Then I saw that the name of the file says it's from "Young Sherlock Holmes" in 1985. Which is really odd since I haven't seen that since it was released in the theaters. Weird.

flask said...

i came over from the nighthawks one.

i got there by random accident because unlike a lot of spamcommenters, i actually DO read random blogs.

and i liked yours because you know how to string a sentence together pretty good and you;re not too much of a whackadoodle.

and sometimes when my own life gets rough you have something to say that is useful.

you do this in an uncanny inexplicable fashion. i don't know, it's weird.

anyway, i don't really care what you write about.

that isn't the same thing as not caring that you write.

Gino said...

i got to know a fine person or two at The Boileryard...

write about NFL football, and the Bear's options going forward in a league where D matters less and less.

Dave2 said...

I'll make sure you have plenty of fodder for your 200th post come Sunday...

sybil law said...

I loved One Step Beyond but I had such a soft spot for Tourette's Cat. I miss it. :)
This is my favorite, though.

I'd like to hear more about your hatred for Scientology, or other related things.

Otherwise, just talk about how awesome I am.

Mocha said...

I vote for absinthe, too.

What has always fascinated me is being a Quaker. I think that religion is amazing and I'd love to see you delve into that.

Also absinthe. Talk about that, too.

sligo said...

I'm always willing to listen to anything you come up with, and have since A.T. If I 'have' to choose something, I'd like you to recall how you felt about yourself in your twenties, and what you think about that now from a somewhat, ahem, older point-of-view.

RW said...

All your questions addressed in today's post.