September 24, 2012

O You Have To Be Faster Than That

Yesterday I set down the full length version of the new movie "We Are Legion." Really a documentary about the activities of Anonymous from its earliest embryonic beginnings (The Cult Of The Dead Cow), through 4chan, the take down of white supremacist Hal Turner, the battle with the Church of Scientology, and on through the Wikileaks episode as well as their participation in the Arab Spring... and a little beyond that. My God, there's like OVER 9000 things! Well that full length version isn't available any more but I still have the trailer. But you guys are going to have to be quicker on the draw if you want the benefits of the internet, like, y'know? Here's a 4 minute taste of a really good flick... And here's the web site for the documentary where you can see extra clips, find out if it is playing near you, awards, reviews, and all that good movie stuff. Why, it has even earned four stars at IMDB. I disagree with the assessment by one of the interviewees about the age group here being 17-35. Just sayin.


Capricorncringe said...

Argh. Watched half of it this morning before work and came back to watch the second half just now. Sadness. I was hooked immediately. It is a fascinating story, so I will be looking it up again on October 30. Thanks for the heads up on this.

Aria Zoesch said...

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Thanks and have a great day!

B.E. Earl said...

Definitely wanna see it. And I'm sure that Aria Zoesch person is totally on the up and up. Got two emails from "her" earlier today.