August 06, 2012

Bullshit Calling

To the tune of ...

First Lite, then HEAVY.

Miller Lite Punch Top Can - Wow, how'z about that for fresh thinking and innovation? Aren't we lucky to be living in the modern era? Dude... anyone with any age on them remembers when there was a can, a two-ended can-opener (one end sharp for cans, one end rounded for bottles), and a mouth. This was before the "pop-top" can. There were no pull rings back in the day. You opened one part of the can with the pointed end of the opener, turned it around, and did the same on the opposite side of the top. Then you drank it. What's old is new I guess. And the beer inside, in this case Miller Lite, still sucks.

Sikhs and Fast Food - I guess conservatives are too busy eating at Chick Fellatio to notice how their rhetoric and general bullshit act as an enabler for trailer trash to go shooting innocent people just because they look different. Well, we don't want to alienate them too much, we need their votes in November, right guys?

Presidents As Mass Murderers - Lost in the feel good about our first black President, whom I was happy to vote for the first time around NOT for his policies but as a cultural necessity and signpost, we have now "normalized extra-judicial murder" and nobody cares. The facts aren't hidden, there isn't any conspiracy of silence, the facts are right there in front of us. We know the level of drone attacks and our government agencies admit the collateral damage as well as the "unavoidable loss of innocent life." It's in the news - we just don't give a shit. President Obama should be called up on war crimes but he won't. What the hell is wrong with us? Has anyone bothered to count the number of people in the Muslim world that this tactic is going to radicalize? This has now gone beyond the point of being a "solution" and is now becoming a root cause of continuance. Nice going Mr. President, thanks for the next two decades of de facto war you just gave us.

Catholic Bishops Join With Pat Robertson, Trailer Trash, and Libertarians - This, by the way, is the coalition that defeats President Obama in November, in case you wanted to know. I work in a print shop where 99.99% of the material we produce is Catholic church bulletins. You know, the happy, joyous, all-knowing infallible intransigence of the child molesting closet Queens that work for the bishop of Rome. The idea that they and their priestly minions are there to serve the poor and needy and those in need of solace and instruction can hereby be just tossed out. That's just a bullshit idea. I read on a weekly basis the vile venom that comes from the pens of these halfwits who masquerade as "religious authority," and can tell you from personal experience that there are some mean-spirited shit weavers in those ranks. Not everyone, of course, but I've read enough pastors who think that the sex-abuse scandals are all a product of "the media" (whatever the hell that is, really), that President Obama is at war with them, and that Catholics who do not tow the straight Catholic line are "Quislings" to know why this is the same culture that supported Franco against the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. There's one particular pastor in Union, MO I can't wait to read every week. He is particularly vicious against anyone who opposes him - and says so right in between his calls for brotherly love. But - oh my - that's Rush Limbaugh country. Well hey he's got to protect his donation base, y'know?

I went to the ballgame this Sunday with my daughters. The White Sox won 4-2. I wish we didn't have to listen to "God Bless America" in the 7th inning at every game. It's a stupid idea with a dumb sentiment. I stand so as not to draw attention to the hypocrisy we run on. Upsets the patrons, you know.

Hi FBI, btw, how you doon?


sligo said...

aaannnnndddd he's back ladies and gentleman! Let's here it for RW!

Gosh I missed you.

B.E. Earl said...

The most sobering insight in that drone warfare article is that the policies Obama has initiated and/or strengthened will remain intact for the next Head of State. Someone who might be even worse their targeting decisions.

That Miller Lite Punch Top Can is silly. They claim it is to allow the beer to be poured into a glass at a much smoother rate. Right. Except this isn't a beer that is poured into glasses normally. The real purpose of this is to give drunk college kids an easier/sanctioned way to shotgun a crappy beer. And get drunker in the process. Kinda evil on Miller's part, if you ask me.

B.E. Earl said...

Ahem...worse "with" their targeting decisions. Or more blood-thirsty. You know what I mean.

flask said...

i was gonna say 'dude, you need to step out and get soem fresh air" and then i realized that the whole readon i like this post is that i;k just as pissed off and letting you take the helm for a few minutes lets ME step out and take a breath.

so thanks.

Gino said...

'God bless America' at a 7th inning stretch?
when did that start, and what was wrong the old 'take me out to the ballgame' we sang when i was a kid?

Brian said...


Good to have you back and angry.

sybil law said...

I can't wait to get my kid out of Catholic schools. That church just makes me sick. Well, I guess any organized religion does, really.