April 13, 2012


I have 44 submissions sitting there unread in my Thrice box for issue 5. I'm thinking of just having pictures in the next issue. Maybe we'll make a comic book. We have great art in our magazine but I haven't heard one word spoken about the writing. Nothing. Oh well, in law silence gives consent.

NewPages and Review Review have notified me that they have the advance copies and there will be published reviews... some time.

I'm on vacation for the next eleven days. I have a list of things I want to accomplish around the house. The evenings will be spent going through these submissions and trying to do something of my own once in a while.

I really love baseball. You can sit there and watch the old 19th-century game and not have to bother with anybody.

Easter was okay. I spent most of the day avoiding the three drunks in the garage. We celebrate the Jesus dude rising from the dead with shots and beers and race jokes and humor at the expense of missing relatives who are in trouble. Doesn't pay to be a no-show at our parties. I spent most of my time watching the last round of the Masters, and I can't STAND golf. So that should tell you right there how that day went.

I've written myself a strict schedule for my vacation week. Did I mention I have a lot of work to do around the house? Painting, straightening, cutting, digging, fixing. I should have been a monk. An aesthete. A hermit. I like having a strict schedule so I can keep from falling apart.

That's all I got.


sybil law said...

Your Easter sounds more fun than my Easter, though! I ate and left, although I did get to leave the kid behind with grandma for a few days.

Dave2 said...

If it's going to be all pictures, you'd better start drawing!