March 02, 2012

Keep Going Boyz, Yer Doin Fine

Well looks like the effort by the Obama administration to take away your guns never happened. Oh wait... they're waiting until after the second term so that they don't have to answer to the electorate right? Yeah I get it. Nice going boys.

Rush Limbaugh has now weighed in on the contraceptive argument, styling a propenent who testified about the issue a "slut."*** Nice going boys.

A sheriff in Arizona, Areola or whatever his name is - best known for his support for child molesters and stiff anti-immigration laws (which would have disallowed his own olive-skinned ancestors no doubt) - is back in the news about President Obama's birth certificate. Oh yes, we're still on this case. Of course trying to prove he is "the outsider" - a Marxist Muslim born in Kenya who supports domestic terrorism and wants to take away your guns - has nothing to do with him being black. Oh hell no. It's about the policies. Nice going boys.

Rick Santorum doesn't like the idea that there shouldn't be an established religion. He believes, much like bin Laden or Jerry Falwell, that religious principles should rule the governing of the country. JFK's inauguration speech - the foundation of neoconservatism btw, makes him want to throw up a little in his mouth. Nice going boys.

The faceless guys who have their fingers on the controls of the GOP, whose only purpose this year is to destroy the influence of the Tea Party and get things back to normal in their party, are doing everything they can to lose the upcoming Presidential election. Just in case you may have been wondering exactly why it is the candidates up for the GOP nomination are such gut-wrenching losers.

And the rank and file conservatives - you know, the angry gun guys sitting at their kitchen table who are looking for any Great White Hope they can possibly find - are doing their level best to justify going along with any one of them. Cuz that's the extent of their intellectual curiosity. Nice going boys. You just handed the election to Obama.

Hope you're happy with that.


***I see where Catholics might have to offer insurance that provides their employees with contraceptives. And this is a big issue with them because if you're a Catholic the only real birth control you're supposed to use is the "rhythm method." It doesn't matter that prestigious Catholic institutions like Georgetown University have been offering this for years, or that it is estimated that almost 90% of Catholic women have basically told the child abusers and child abuser enablers in the Catholic hierarchy to get lost on this issue, this is a problem of deep moral concern.

All of a sudden. In an election year. Oh hai.

You know, I print and process bulletins for Catholic churches all over the country every week. And all I can say is that before I had this job I felt Catholics - because I was raised as one - were mostly decent, regular people. I still feel that way. Some of my best friends are Catholics. Lol. I have to say though, reading it first hand, that the venom coming from some of the churches (Obama, that putrid liar, quisling Catholics who use contraceptives, blah blah blah) is downright offensive. On the level of private conscience, I have nothing but respect for my Catholic friends. But priests, from now on, shall be addressed only by their first names, since I can no longer recognize the title they bestow on themselves.


sybil law said...

Don't even get me started on the whole Catholic thing. BAH.
And yep - way to go, Republicans. Nice choices.

B.E. Earl said...

Catholics. Don't get me started.

Just kidding...I'm a recovering Cathaholic. So, yeah...not kidding. Hi.

Gino said...

no venom in my weekly bulletin, just an appeal to contact my lawmaker.

i'm sure barbara boxer will hear me out on this and pay careful consideration to my concerns.

RW said...

sybil - You have the essence of it I'd say.

earl - Hi!

gino - Like someone you didn't vote for is going to listen to you. Right.

Brian said...

Almost every practicing Catholic I know is a good person with a deeply rooted appreciation for community and justice.

I think they deserve much better than their Church.