January 16, 2012

Good News Week!

Winning $30 on a football pool square game and having the Packers lose at the same time is kind of like waking up with Charlize Theron waiting to serve you breakfast... something that normally wouldn't happen even in a million years but there it is anyway somehow.

I hate to say it but I've been unfaithful. For years and years I idolized Sophie Marceau as my default female starlet icon, but just as sure as I've noticed a seismic shift in my general political outlook I have also noticed that I have become just as equally a female starlet icon slut as well. I guess some people get on one political ideal and one female starlet icon and just ride that bus all the way to the barricade at the edge of the cliff but me... I'm different. I've gone practically full circle now both in my politics and in my selection for female starlet icon.

I started out as an anarchist, wended my way through libertarianism, fell in line with the Old Cause (mostly based on the ideas and outlook of the Republican from Ohio known as Robert Taft), and had my share of run-ins with the school of conservatism known as neocons (who to this day remain nothing more than foreign interventionists with the social politics of Ebenezer Scrooge) who viewed Taft as a monster, somehow. This opened my eyes to conservatives in general and I came to believe that there is no more nobler an ideal than to line every one of them up against a wall and shoot them through the head as soon as possible, yesterday, if only to keep that kind of selfish, whining, pushy, self-righteous, double-talking, hypocrisy out of the gene pool. Nowadays, as a Quaker, I'm not for the shooting them part as much. And lo and behold... I'm a damn anarchist again.

So maybe one day I'll come back to Sophie Marceau as well, but for now I am content in the idea that I am a shape changing, disloyal gadabout who can't be trusted with anything.

Except I still don't like the Packers, or for that matter anybody who does like the Packers. And winning $30 on a football square this past Sunday while watching them flounder around in futility against the big bad New York team from that big bad liberal media center is something that probably would have been fun even when I was an old school conservative. So I guess there are some constants in my life.

Sophie darling, you're a doll. But it's 2012. We need to move on, I'm afraid. The more things change, the more things change.

Hiya Charlize. I think I'd like my orange juice nice and cold.


sybil law said...

The good news is you have excellent taste, all around!
The bad news is... well... I don't see any bad news.
Yay! Good news day!

Petunia said...

You are hilarious. That is all.

B.E. Earl said...

Charlize Theron = yummy.

Sophie Marceau = yummy.

Nothing wrong with either of those choices. Especially if one of them is serving you breakfast in the morning.

My female starlet icon of choice is always changing. Variety...she is the spice of life.

Gino said...


RW said...

sybil- I can also pair food with wine...

Petunia- damn, and here I try to be so much more!

Earl- Yes I suppose Marceau would do as a stand-in.

gino- lol, gino doesn't handle change very well. :-)

Brian said...

I liked Charlize's work in Arrested Development. And I think Aeon Flux was kind of underrated.

Lately, I've been pretty fixated on Kate Winslet, though.

Oh, and uh...smash the state and all that. Property is theft. And so forth.

RW said...

Yes and power to the, you know, people. And all.