December 27, 2010

When You Come Right Down To It

I'm generally an optimist.

I always believe it's not as bad as we think it is. I generally feel there's always a chance. I'm pretty much open to new music, new ideas, new people.

I still think I can do it. I have this feeling that something else can always happen.

People who lay out that negative vibe, even if it is negativity disguised in "trying to help," I can usually set aside and walk away from.

I don't much like to hang out with negative people or people who always have an exception, a cutting remark, a justification for their opinion even when it wasn't called for, a desire to interject their critique about something when the drift of the subject points another way. I try to walk away as much as possible. Stay focused. Don't take it to heart. Keep moving.

You point to something funny and they have to tell you why something about that something is something they don't like.

They're very willing to tell you why you need to get "practical" and "down to earth" and live in the "real world," but their own horizons are steeled into a strict, narrow avenue of what is acceptable. Unless of course someone else is doing the exact thing they just criticized you for, and then "they are a great example."

I long ago realized that I'm not going to make everybody happy. I'm not going to satisfy other people's expectations. Nor am I at the mercy of those expectations.

I'm saying all this but I'm not completely sure why. Maybe it's just my inner Stuart Smalley . Maybe I'm honing in on a "resolution" for the coming year. Yeah I do those sometimes, when they're needed.

I think this one may be needed this year. We shall see, eh?


sybil law said...

It's weird, since I'm so mouthy about things I'm not happy about, but overall, I really am an optimist, too.
I don't even try to make other people happy. I just worry about myself, and what feels right for me. If someone has a problem with that, well - okay. Nothing I can do about how they feel, but I'm not going to change what works for ME to make them happy, you know?
Oh and for the record, you're awesome.

B.E. Earl said...

I like to think of myself as an optimist, but my actions and attitudes don't really back that up sometimes. I tend to get pissy at times when it really isn't called for too.

I should probably work on that in the coming year as well.

Gino said...

navel gazing...

RW said...

"well... navel gazing beats the recidivist neocon bullshit usually found over at your place gino," he laughed.


Gino said...

see, thats whats wrong with internets...
bloggers can be soooo judgemental and self-absorbed...

RW said...

If being judgmental is bad than quit doing it, I always say. Otherwise keep on keeping on.

Gino said...


Faiqa said...

You're going to start another blog, aren't you? Sigh. ;-)

RW said...


Mrs. Hall said...

@ the office xmas party, one fo the spouses was an interjecter, an opinionated person with no social judgement who kept shuttind everyone down when 'discussing' things.


and he kept targeting me. me, the bright, happy, Mrs. Hall. I am a target for such misers.

expect I'm not.

cause I walk away. screw him and his utter sadness.

i'm an unrepentant polly anna.

and I'll stay that way too!

Faiqa said...

My comment was a poorly executed attempt at sarcasm. You know, because you keep moving. It was funny IN MY HEAD.