December 22, 2010

Oh Look! Christmas Bullets!

  • Yesterday I took the day off work to take my grand daughter and MrsRW into the city to go see the Goodman Theater's annual production of "A Christmas Carol" and also to have dinner under the Great tree at Macy's. The production this year was rather flat and the food at the Walnut Room was ridiculously horrid. Either the bloom is off the rose for the play or whatever, but it just didn't sparkle like it did in years past. Not sure I was 100% convinced. Still we had SECOND ROW seats (I was wrong about 4th row, what do I know?) and that was fun. But the Walnut Room (this was better when run by Marshall Field's) had an almost three hour wait and my vegetables were cold, dry, and tasted like they were sitting in somebody's basement a second ago. Breakfast is the only thing to go there for. Champagne and waffles they still do well. Dinner... not so much.

  • Still, seen through the eyes of seven-year-old Emma this was a great day. At the end of the show when people were taking their bows one of the actors specifically pointed her out and waved to her. She lit up and waved back and was on top of the world after. Plus at dinner a fairy came by and sprinkled her with pixie dust and granted her a wish. Plus she said her chicken fingers were fantastic. So it was a success even if MrsRW and I spent most the the day squinting and going "wtF?"

  • So I don't know. We either go to the Walnut Room for breakfasts only or find another place. or change our tradition. This was unacceptable. The tree was great this year and Emma sat where she could have it in view completely while she ate. We have some decisions to make before next year I guess.

  • It is just about as gray and icy out there as I have ever seen it. It is an unbelievable gray right now. I'm not sure this gray ever showed up in nature before. Like some redheads I've seen.

  • I commented yesterday to MrsRW that coming down into the city for Christmas anymore will get you one of two things: A. a justified and eternal conviction that humanity is comprised of a bunch of fucking boneheads worthy of hate, disdain and ridicule or B. Christmas back in the city is just a wonderful, colorful, exhilarating joy.

  • I'll get back to you on that.

  • Well you'll wish you were here Christmas Eve because I'm making roast beef for the daughters and their associated peoples. Then Christmas Day at the oldest daughter's with the whole family (plus the shoehorn needed to fit us all in there). You know you want to be at my house Friday though. Admit it.

  • What I haven't told anybody is that I'm back on the stomach-watch. Sad to say at the opening of this month I was (don't hate me) up to my highest ever weight - 213. Oh dear. Last night I came in at 203. I've been doing a spot of running, cutting all portions, no fast food AT ALL, lots of greens, no milk and TONS OF WATER instead of beer or soda pop or anything else at meals. Plus fresh-squeezed lemonade (from real lemons = no corn syrup from the concentrates) and smoothies. And fruit. And more veggies. But that's 10 pounds in 22 days and probably I have a disease because that's a little drastic don't you think? Maybe I'm dying. Who knows?

  • Yeah I was worried about this week and the poundage because of the holidays and all. I expected to put a stop to this weight loss as of yesterday but luckily dinner was inedible so I didn't screw it up there. What's amazing is that last weekend i took my daughters to Stephanie Izzard's (you know, Top Chef winner season 4 blah blah blah) place and we p-i-g-g-e-d out BIG time. So again - wtf. I probably have cancer or something and don't know it yet. Best I can figure.

  • And on a lighter note, in the past week I subscribed to TWO anarchist publications. They're so cute. If I wasn't on somebody's list before I will be now. But oh well I'm dying so who cares.

  • I should be back in beforehand but if I'm not a Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Whether you want it or not.

    B.E. Earl said...

    Well, two things on the list literally made me guffaw for real (GFR...I'm trying to replace LOL. I don't think this one will work, though).

    1. The comment about the gray weather and redheads.

    2. The conclusion that you came to about dying.

    Here's to wishing you a Merry Christmas, and I hope you don't die.

    Brian said...

    10 lbs in 22 days...some of that is probably water. Less salt and sugar = less water retained throughout your body. That's still a good thing, though (your BP is probably lower, too.)

    And a merry Christmas to you and yours, too.

    sybil law said...

    You're not allowed to be dying, so I call BS on that one!
    It is a miserable farco barnes day here, too. I just left the store. I have a cold - AGAIN. We still have a couple of gifts to wrap up- and I am not doing it. My husband can do it. I am DONE.
    But holy cow, that does seem like a lot of weight in a few days!
    If I don't talk to you before, Merry Christmas!! xoxo

    Gino said...

    i was dropping 3-4lbs a week when i was starving, so that does seem a little drastic.

    i'd attribute it to what Dr Brian says. but if it goes on any longer... yikes.

    Merry Christmas to you and The Mrs. if i dont see you around before then.

    and What about them Bears???

    Brian said...

    I should add that if your weight loss continues at that pace, then it probably isn't water...

    As a frame of reference, I'm about the same size (I tend to float between 199 and 203) and I can drop 4-5 lbs of water on a longish run (i.e., 5-7 miles).

    Avitable said...

    If you die, can I have your absinthe?

    Tug said...

    That's too bad about the meal, but I'm sure it's still a memory your granddaughter will carry forever, and that is priceless.

    You can't die.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    flask said...

    i love you, i just do. thank you for keeping me in light, and while you're at it the rest of the folks at ripley could use a little light as well.

    good for your granddaughter and her pixie dust and good for the glee you take in crappy commenters. too bad i like you too much to be immortalized in your sidebar.

    i am also cheered to know that we share a love of allie brosch.

    i have been released for christmas, but sunday afternoon it's back to ripley for me, so wish me luck with that. and Light. you know. and for the rest of 'em, too.

    merry christmas. and blessings on you and yours.