November 19, 2010

Think Fast Meme

Answer as it occurs to you. Don't ponder too long. Think fast.


1. The Money
How much money would it take for you to step out of yourself?
You are a single, unattached woman. A non-threatening man you only know somewhat, clean, not weird, not unpleasant looking, a matter-of-fact kind of fellow, but no one you've ever "checked out," tells you he is dying. He then offers you money on a monthly basis to have sex with him once every other week. He offers to pay you $500 a month. No fetishes. No costumes. Basic stuff only.

Would you contemplate it? Would $500 be enough? What is your first reaction: Disgust? Amusement? Shock? Something else?

You are a guy reading this. Do you think it is a reasonable, non-threatening, non-invasive, straight business proposition? Can you see harm in the question? Or not?
2. The Critic
I know of a fellow who is sick and tired of "aesthetes" and "artistes" and pretentious poets. He sez, about one in particular...

"The tossed hair and wayward look in the eye, as if you're contemplating the final truth in the world. Projecting oneself so no one can dare be mistaken. How can we miss it? Yes - by heavens - this person is a poet without question. Just look. Can't you see the regard for beauty and brutality in the caring pout? The vacant stare? The mind deep in thought somewhere up the hill, over the river, beyond the trees? How can you miss it? Every move she makes says she has this need to live poetically? To even walk poetically. Talk poetically. Sneeze poetically. Shit poetically. Imagine the bundle of poetics everywhere in the house. Imagine the poetic things left about her rooms. Tossed out with the wet potato skins. The smell of poetry earnestly drifting through the air. Yes. Of course. I Am A Poet; see me, regard me, fear me. Dear me... can we make it just a little less painfully obvious, please? Can you be just a non-poet person for a while, just a little while? And, you know, just shut up? Or eat too much and belch? Put a foot wrong? Get mad at the neighbors? Like a human? Just once?"

Do you like this fellow, or do you think even he took it a bit too far?

3. Lunchroom Ladies

When they talk about European money they call it "gyros."
They believe there are cameras everywhere.
Most are certain there is a worldwide government we know precious little of.
Some of their husbands are certain the country is going socialist & they talk about that.
Gossip gets the best of them most times.
Some have hygiene problems. One smells like she uses Raid as a deodorant.
When they see black people walking in their direction they get very worried. Even if the guy is wearing a suit and tie.
When one of them, or someone they know, or even just hear of, is facing a hardship or a personal crisis they respond with unbelievable sympathy and action that is exceptionally breathtaking in its warmth and concern, and they never fail to make a positive impact if only on the victim's morale and attitude. Money, time, food, clothing; it doesn't matter what is needed. they get it. In short, their honest charity is both sincere and useful.

What about these ladies? How do you interact when they talk to you?

Would your reaction be different if you didn't know the last part?

4. The Dreamer

There is not a chance in hell that she can make it happen. The odds are astronomical-to-1. She's too old. Too naive. Too uninformed. Too innocent. Under-educated. A walking mark if there ever was one. But she's selling everything, cashing out all she has, and going for it. You are not allowed to ask a follow-up question here. What about her?

5. What movie is that picture from anyway??


B.E. Earl said...

1. What people decide on their own to do with their money or their bodies is their own business. I don't see any harm in the question itself, but I can see harm it where it might lead.

2. I probably agree with what he is saying, but no...I don't like him.

3. I'm not a fan, even with knowing the last part. I know some really awful people who would do anything for me if I were in trouble. I've seen them do it for others. Which is nice, I guess. Just the sum of the them doesn't add up to a whole.

4. I'd love to know her.

5. No clue, but I'm guessing Nosferatu since you've been on that kick lately.

sybil law said...

1. I guess it would depend on how hard up I was for the money. I'd maybe try it, and figure things out from there. However, that's my brain answering - my heart would probably say no. It would just depend on the guy.
2. I like what he's saying, but if he ranted like that all the time, I'd go crazy, because he's whining himself.
3. I guess it would depend on how they approached me. I guess I'm a moody bitch, but if they said something shitty but it seemed harmless, I'd make a joke and take it from there. It's my way with anyone, I guess.
Knowing they have a support system would make me happy for them, but wouldn't change anything as far as my personal interactions with them.
4. I'd wish her fervent luck.
5. I have no freaking clue.

Avitable said...

1. It's unreasonable. He can use his hand.

2. The Critic has a point. At some point it's not genuine.

3. I don't go into lunchrooms. No opinion.

4. The Dreamer should go for it. You can only learn from failing and what happens if you succeed?

5. Scarlet Letter?

Brian said...

1. It's a reasonable request, as long as the requester has a realistic expectation of how it is likely to be received. For the number of women you'd likely have to proposition, you might as well just be dating.

2. We tend to react most negatively to the things we see in people that we dislike most about ourselves. So I don't like this guy, and I know why...

3. Sounds like about 3/4 of the women in the church where I grew up. I ask them how their kids are and try to avoid revealing any personal details.

4. Is it possible to pity and admire someone at the same time? Because I think I would.

5. I have no idea, and can't even think of a clever non-answer.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

NO 6 grand a year is NOT enough to get me to go out on a date with someone I'm not attracted to, let alone have SEX. Disgust.

I agree with the fellow. Self important writer.

We come from different places, they and I. How do I interact with them? Even if I knew not the last part, I would interact with them just as I would with anyone I happen to encounter.I would speak to them with respect and friendly conversation.

I can't say I wouldn't judge, though, which is unfortunate for me.

She FREAKING rocks! Bravery like that should be admired. I say go for it, if that's what her gut tells her.

UMMMM. I'm gonna think about that one.

Mrs RW said...

1. The Money
$10,000/month would work for me

2. The Critic
Get over yourself already - so you can write poetry; big deal

3. Lunchroom Ladies
I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt;

4. The Dreamer

I can't even imagine - I'm too much of a realist. I don't admire people who do this - probably because it seems so self-indulgent to me.

Faiqa said...

1. The Money
I would slap him. I'm disgusted. Would I be disgusted with someone else? No. Also... I might change my mind if it were, like, $50,000. And, yes, I'd be worth it. DOH. It's true, though.

2. The Critic
No, I don't like him. I ADORE HIM.

3. Lunchroom Ladies
I treat them with respect... I would even if I didn't know the last part. We're all misshapen bundles of prejudices, beauty and kindness... I truly try to see that in everyone.

4. The Dreamer
I think she's fantastic.. because, I think she might be me. Stay tuned.

5. What movie is that picture from anyway??
I don't know and I'm okay with that.

Gino said...

1. business is business. i hope he scores.


3.i would react as if they were anybody else, because most people are just that way, anyway.
(even the raid smellers. there's one on every block.)

4. i've known her. run as fast as you can away from her, and whatever you do, do not get involved with her daughter who is near your age. . it will not end well.

5. dont know.