November 22, 2010

10 Things That Bug Me

1. Who has a baby bump. Also add the term "baby bump." This was invented six weeks ago and it sucks. The person who came up with the term should be impaled for being an idiot.

2. Brett Favre. He's a 41 year old Prima Donna.

3. Martin Sheen. I don't care if he dies in a fire.

4. Randy Quaid. Because I didn't care what he was doing when he wasn't high all the time either.

5. Airport scanners. Get your damn picture taken and shut the Farco up already. Nobody cares about what you look like for God's sake. You're ugly. We're all ugly. Shut up & wake up.

6. Tiger Woods. Oh go away already. Golf is boring and you're boring and I don't care where you stick your dick.

7. Dancing With The Stars. EAT. ME.

8. Senator Mitch McConnell (KY). I'd believe it was all about policy if you weren't telling race jokes in the kitchen ten minutes before you talk to the Press.

9. Rahm Emmanuel. I can hardly wait for you to screw up Chicago like you screwed up President Obama's chances at doing something positive just because you're a prick. But I know how Chicago politics works. I've lived here all my life. You're in & we all know it. Everything else is just look-see-pidgin.

10. Sarah Palin. Piss off already yeah?


Gino said...

mitch mcconell was in yer kitchen?

Avitable said...

My problem with the body scanners is not the pictures. It's the fact that they may not have been studied enough to be guaranteed to be safe. I'll just opt for the gropin'!

Gino said...

i see a funny blog post in avi's first strip scan.

B.E. Earl said...

Martin Sheen gets a pass in my book. If only for Badlands and The West Wing.

Tug said...

What about Barbara's Bush? Oh like that. *snicker*

I agree with most (1,2,4,6,7,don't talk politics), but what did Martin Sheen do? Haven't heard much of him in ages.

sybil law said...

Now there's Ice Skating with the Stars!
I seriously just said, not 5 minutes ago, "I fucking hate people, because they made Dancing with the Stars so popular that now there's Ice Skating with the Stars!"
I still hate people.

RW said...

Ha... Charlie!!

Tug said...

Ah yes...there is that. :-/

B.E. Earl said...

:) I thought you might have meant his whacked out son.

Mrs. Hall said...

jeez. tell us how you realy feel.

i'm all sad about brett farve. he isn't cooperating with his opportunity to be a revered legend. instead he's just a 15 year old kid with a great throwing arm.

and now that is even fading.

sad really.

and baby bump is from England. I kinda likes it ;)

Faiqa said...

In terms of my objections, it's not really about being ugly with respect for the scanners... How about INSTEAD of making me inadvertently divulge whether I use sanitary napkins or tampons to some moron who has had three months of training and can't even find Afghanistan on a map much less protect me from a terrorist with a bomb, the people charged with our national security actually fucking do their job regarding foreign policy and figure out a way to stop people from (a) wanting to kill us OR (b) keep them the FUCK out?

No. That's too hard. Instead, let's just humiliate a few poor bastards with colostomy bags so we can all feel safe. Fuck this. I don't get angry about much. But this shit is pissing me off. The thing is, I've been to four continents, you know which one has never given me a pat down right after I landed and as a goodbye hug? This one. It's possible to search someone's body without humiliating them. And, yes, the idea of another person who I am not married to OR who is not a doctor charged with delivering my children or something of the like, is humiliating to me. My values regarding my body and who gets to see it count for something and they are just as important as the fears these scanners are meant to allay.

Also, why is it people were all pissed off about the government being able to look at the list of books they bought and borrowed from the library but are poo-pooing the idea that for some this is a GROSS violation of personal privacy? You (I mean "you" in a general sense, not "You" as in "you, RW") don't care if someone is looking at your unclothed body, that's fine. You think it's no big deal, that's fine. But, people need to respect that there are people in this country that are absolutely horrified by it. I am one of those people.


RW said...

oh hai Faiqa. hey wut's goin' on in dis thread?

Faiqa said...

Apparently, I am very angry today. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?! :-D

Gino said...

i want faiqa's attitude to run for president.

Brian said...

I wonder what would happen if someone walked up to the line with the gray bins, took off his jacket, his belt, his shoes...and then just kept going. Off with the pants, shirt, and skivvies (I'd leave my socks on, b/c barefoot in the airport would just be gross.)

I mean, if it's no big deal for some asshole in another room to see my junk, why not just voluntarily show it to the agents right there? Wouldn't that make their job easier?

If people really want to make waves over this stuff, I think this would be the most effective form of protest.

(runs off to try and spread this idea around)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Dude that was a wicked rant.
Well done.

Tug said...

pssst...Martin is 'distraught' over Charlie.