October 21, 2010

Enlargement Pills

Yeah okay cheap way to get attention. Sorry. But I mean, honestly, if millions of guys think a pill is going to make their "main weapon" larger, is it any wonder we have the kind of politics we have? People believe ANYthing if you say it enough times. And I mean ANYbody. And what would be the "minor weapon" anyway, btw???

OK this is my zen moment...

I have to stop singing at the top of my voice when I have my iPod going and I'm making myself dinner with the windows open. I also have to stop yelling angrily at people who aren't there. Breathe.


I'll eventually get paid. I'll eventually get paid. I'll eventually get paid.


Yesterday because I'm a little ticked off at my boss I called him on his cell phone at 5 in the morning and woke him up to tell him I won't be in. It's not as drastic as it sounds because he has to know if I won't be there to open up the shop. But I did enjoy waking him up. And I will eventually get a paycheck this month. I keep saying.

(I just wrote down and deleted exactly what is going on. Zen. Zen. Zen.)

I spent the morning yesterday burning toaster waffles, snoozing off and on in front of the Science Channel, and rewriting the first 4000 words of the book with no name (even though it has one). Probably the concluding 30,000 words get changed too now. Then it was lunch time. So I had a sandwich and dozed off for another siesta. Then I got up and did another 1000 words. Now I'm all, yeah, the concluding 29,000 need to be fixed and realigned. So we're doing another rewrite. Nothing major, just changing the whole direction of the entire story.


Don't worry. This is how I roll.


I spent the major part of the late afternoon sending out my resumé to a handful of places who won't call me back. I've seen this act before. By the way, if you're looking, Homeland Security is always hiring. You see me as a border guard type?

"Yeah come on in, somebody around here needs to be willing to work for a living..."

Probably not huh?


MrsRW comes back tomorrow after being gone for two weeks. Okay I can stop talking out loud to myself now (scrawls mental note).


Saturday we're going to Top Chef season 4 winner Stephanie Izard's new restaurant in the city. We had to make reservations a month and a half ago. MrsRW probably won't like it because it looks a bit nontraditional, but they encourage picture taking and food porn and on a good day Stephanie will visit for a picture. It's upscale but is very informal.

You can see for yourself.

I won't be a good judge because I'm totally smitten, but you can expect a report back next week.


Enlargement pills. Give me a break.


B.E. Earl said...

Ooooh, that restaurant looks tasty. Sort of a gastro-pub thingy going on. Kind of like The Spotted Pig in NYC.

I know what I would order if I went there:

smokey whipped fat back . bourbon onions . biscuits

(who needs that last year of your life anyway?)

RW said...

Yeah. And don't forget the wall full of specialty beers. I figured this place would be right up your alley.

B.E. Earl said...

Here's the deal (pending your approval of the joint): If you ever make it to NYC, we have to go to The Spotted Pig. Same deal with this joint if I ever get to Chicago. K?


Dave2 said...

Hope you enjoy GIrl and the Goat! Though I'm wary of any menu which has "wood oven roasted pig face" on it... that just can't be a good thing.

sybil law said...

Gah! Dave saw what I saw - the wood oven roasted pig face!! What the ?! With the pig nose and everything?! Do they stick olives in the pig nose, I wonder?
Also, I don't think I've ever heard of these enlargement pills. I could recommend them to some dudes... Haha...

RW said...

Earl - okay but Papaya King... Papaya King!

Dave- I know, but did you see the vegetarian menu? It's as long as the unemployment line.

I mean.. chickpea fritters, heirloom tomatoes & fresh mozzarella?

I want that NOW.

sybil - It's not a head, it's just shaped like one. but it is head cheese. Seriously. What I want to know is how come you noticed that and not the Escargot & Goat Balls??

B.E. Earl said...

I see your Papaya King (after almost a year, they have finally re-opened last month) and raise you a Mollie O'Malley's before a White Sox game.

RW said...

a what?

B.E. Earl said...

It's a joint near US Cellular Field that supposedly makes a near-perfect Chicago-style dog. I've seen it pop up on some "Best of" lists...

RW said...

MORRIE O'Malley! Oh ok. If you can get in. Yeah but you better get there early. Listen - we bring a griller and hot dogs with us and cook out in the parking lot most of the time. I'LL make you a Chicago-style dog. Don't worry about it...

B.E. Earl said...

Um, er, yeah. That's what I meant.

Could be maybe perhaps that Mollie is his sister? ;)

Brian said...

Hot damn Chicago has the best restaurants around. Very jealous. Hope you enjoy it.

Don't knock pig face 'til you've tried it. If you find yourself in a real taqueria and they have "cabeza" on the menu, order it.

RW said...

I'll be the one to try different things in this family. I've had kangaroo, ostrich, elk, African antelope, quail, rabbit, snails, frogs... but I have my eye on something not the pig head. Maybe next time!

Gino said...

that place looks to be as fun as it is tastey.

hey, when you write, do you write longhand or type it?

just curious...

RW said...

Both. More typing than hand written. But from time to time, either.

sybil law said...

Like, what they had in Texas Chainsaw Massacre? "My brother makes some real good head cheese/"

(Oh and I've seen escargot before, and goat's balls - eh.)