August 10, 2010

So What

Here's what a mess I am.

I look over at the shelves to my right and I see the following things:

A. A Swarovsky glass toucan
B. A vegetarian cookbook
C. A biography of Mussolini
D. Ernest Hemingway's bullfighting thing called "The Dangerous Summer"
E. A book written by William Penn in the 1600's called "No Cross, No Crown"
F. A cigar box filled with the entire 1911 card set from Strat-O-Matic baseball, separated by teams
G. A book of poems by Dylan Thomas
H. A copy of Bob Dylan's book "Tarantula"
I. A stray sock
J. A woven basket containing the headset for my MacSpeech Dictate and iPod buds
K. All my copies of The American Philatelist (stamps you cretins)
L. Three notebooks of stuff I've written I have no intention of using because I don't write like that any more (from last week)
M. A bag containing exactly 3 Nestle's Crunch bars, probably from last Halloween
N. A bootleg CD of stuff by Charlie Parker
O. A stack of statements I haven't opened from my E-Trade stock account
P. The full set of Ken Burns' "Baseball"...
Q. ...which is resting directly on top of a book called "Anarchist Portraits" explaining the lives and works of over a dozen anarchists in history including Sacco and Vanzetti
R. My Top Chef Cookbook
S. An empty (I think) box of Henry Clay cigars
T. An energy saver light bulb I can't fit into any light fixture
U. The autobiography of chief Black Hawk
V. A little dark green tattered copy of Camus' The Plague
W. Script books to ten of Shakespeare's plays
X. The three volume set of H.L. Mencken's The American Language
Y. 4 empty bottles of absinthe which I'm keeping because they all have eyes on them
Z. The hard resin and photo-etch scale model I built of the SS Maine (as in "Remember the...")

If this is not a statement of how I have managed to butter myself across the entire breadth of the physical universe and find a way to have no point at all in my short time here on Earth I do not know what else is.

Now do you understand?


B.E. Earl said...

Fist, er...first!

Ahem. How's that Ty Cobb from 1911 looking? Pretty sweet, I bet. A .420 batting average, all those steals, phew...

Petunia said...

I refuse to read your new blog unless the flowery-smelling car pillows contain lavender!

Consider this your virtual housewarming potted plant.

SK Waller said...

"People who cannot invent and reinvent themselves must be content with borrowed postures, secondhand ideas, fitting in instead of standing out." Warren G. Bennis

Welcome to your newest incarnation.

sybil law said...

I do understand - and me likey!

RW said...

cough Earl, he's coughcough batting .476 after cough 46 games.

Thanks Petunia. It's a petunia?

SK Waller quoting a business guru. Alrighty then! :-)

sybil - I hit "PUBLISH" and said "sybil will understand."

Gino said...

kinda pink.

RW said...

see the title of the post there G-man?

Avitable said...

So that reunion sucked 10 kinds of ass, did it? Sorry, pal. :(

RW said...

The reunion is next year and should be fine 'cuz it's just a party. My reflection on the past weekend was a smaller group. but yeah, 10 kinds.

Avitable said...

Ohhh, I thought it was reunion-related. Regardless, it sucks when something is so far below your expectations, especially because of shitty behavior.

Petunia said...

lol as pathetic as it sounds, I didn't even think of that when I posted my comment...

Gary LaPointe said...

The place where I want to most use fluorescent bulbs they don't fit in at the base correctly :(